Halley: Pink Pigment

Nail Space


A high quality and premium cosmetic grade two tone pink pigment with a subtle violet shimmer.
Use to dust over your gel colour or gel polish, mix with clear acrylic powder or why not try mixing with Akzentz "glitter me" to create your very own custom mixed gel play art colour which is perfect for all design work.
Available in 5g
"Please keep in mind when you are purchasing that The Nail Space products are sold by jar size. This DOES NOT mean that amount will be in the jar, it simply refers to the jars volume. For example, a 5 gram jar DOES NOT contain 5 grams of product and the same applies to a 10 gram jar. 
Glitters and Pigments all vary in density due to their ingredients. All Nail Space products are highly pigmented, ultra fine, and designed so less is needed. 
A little goes a long way!"

Type: Pigment

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