Swarovski Crystal Pixie

Hazel Dixon


Swarovski Crystal Pixie

Swarovski’s newest product created just for nails. Crystal Pixie is available in 8 different colours and consists of tiny particles of round crystals mixed with tiny cut crystals which add a beautiful shine to nails. Each pack comes with 30 flat backs to accent any design! 
Please Note: The colour of the finished nail may vary depending on what background colour is applied before adding the crystal pixie. You can create so may different looks by changing the background colour :)
  • Cute Mood - a clear translucent crystal that will add a crystalized sparkle over any color!
  • Classy Sassy - a jet black based crystal
  • Deluxe Rush - a gold based crystal 
  • Rock Shock - a deep silver based crystal
  • Comic Pop - a clear crystal with hint of blue/purple
  • Exotic East - a black/purple/blue/gold crystal
  • Candy Land - a pink/rose based crystal 
  • Starry Night - a light silver based crystal
 Price is for 1 box of your chosen colour.  
1 box of Swarovski Crystal Pixie contains:
5g bottle of your chosen Crystal Pixie colour
30 x Swarovski Crystal (3 types of crystal, 10 of each type)
Application Funnel
Full instructions

Type: Swarovski

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